New Parts Supply

Supply of new parts for common & current transmissions a specialty.

Old Exchange Units

Attach the address we give you to the old exchange units being returned here to recover your deposit. They have to be clean and drain plugs pulled out for the transport companies to carry them.


The Gearbox Man can organise repairs to your car, 4wd or light truck. Ring us for one of our convenient locations to quote the job. If successful the remove, repairs & refit with road testing can be done in the same location. If the job is urgent, we can perform the job at one of our locations that has free hoists and get you back on the road as quickly as we can. Just of the benefits because you chose us!


The Gearbox Man understands in jobs like these, you need to look good. We can send out to addresses other than your own, without the invoice pricing attached. Contact us with clear & correct details, help us be accurate & the job outcome will be smooth.

R & R

Remove & refit of gearboxes or diffs can be at several convenient locations.
Did you know we also recondition power steering systems, 4wd tranfer cases, torque converters & many other types of transmissions?


Our stock of new & second hand parts floats up and down daily on demand. Just because we might seem to get caught needing a part doesn't mean we can't outperform others with supply. Call for availability - be pleased how we can help!

Second hand parts catalogue

Call for cheap pre-used gearbox & diff parts, if we didn't consider them as fully servicable, they would be in the bin. The Gearbox Man spreads many little-used & rare transmissions, many we don't consider as fast moving exchange stock. Ring with clear identification of the parts you need, you get luckier more often with us.

Parts & unit cleaning

Power cleaning machine, used to scrub gearboxes & diff cases, great machine that has cases looking new.
Why carry on about this sort of thing?!
Makes assembly a joy when they come to the bench. And the transport companies love it!



Why didn't someone tell me about these guys?

second hand

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