About Us

We supply parts to the trade for gearboxes & diffs.

welcome to the Gearbox Man!

40+ years of focussed & specialised reconditioning of gearboxes and diffs helps us to offer the correct parts in time to meet your customer's desire to get back on the road.

Brand new parts at a discount price!

Road tested transmission parts!

Nearly finished the repairs to that gearbox but suddenly realised you are missing parts to complete?

what we did

For many years we R & R'd gearboxes & diffs to repair them, all vehicle models going back 40+ years.

What we do

We spread, power clean & recondition popular fast moving gearboxes & diffs.

Recondition diffs & gearboxes delivered to us in our airconditioned clean room.

We spread a lot of gearboxes where, in total, it's not worth assembling for various reasons, but the parts are good for resale second hand.
These we identify, catalogue & offer for sale.

We respond to calls from the trade for hard to source parts of all kinds.

Call us for help in any of the difficulties you may find yourself in, this trade is supposed to be easy, right?

What we are good at



Automatic Rebuilds

Diff Rebuilds

Identifying Parts

Cleaning boxes

who your talking to

JohnCEO & Founder of Gearbox Man
Senior mechanic & resident gearbox & diff guru. Air conditioned clean room with specialty tools, jigs and computer aided manuals. This is where the good stuff happens. Storeroom with racks of reconditioned gearboxes & diffs. Dead ones too, ready to be spread.
RobbyRolin Mechanical
Rolin Mechanical is a family owned independent automotive workshop, operated by the Husband and Wife team of Robert and Linda. Rob has his own 3 bay garage, he offers all mechanical work & servicing. He outsources to the Gearbox Man, removes diffs & gearboxes for Gearbox Man rebuilds, refits them and road tests. You can reach Rob at: 113 Granard Rd, Rocklea, Qld, 4106 Telephone: (07) 3277 7799 Fax: (07) 3277 7911 And there are opening times & other details on his website at: rolinmechanical.com.au He also has a Facebook page, so click on the Facebook symbol to see the Rolin Mechanical page.
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